I hope to share a few of my insights into Wisdom, Theology and the Sacred Scriptures.  Some may think these topics passé but a thing overlooked by the many may yield insights to the few who take the time to investigate and contemplate. I’ve studied theology for many years, hold a degree in Biblical Studies and have over 10 years ministry experience.

I don’t consider myself a liberal or a fundamentalist.  I have been described as theologically evangelical, orthodox and conservative by nature although willing to be radical at times, if necessary.  I hold to the Apostles’ Creed, the canonical Scriptures and my hope in Christ.

I believe the Scriptures to be truer than we think.  See my page on Sacred Scripture for an explanation of that.

Otherwise, I’ve always been attracted to the stars, or so says my mother.  What can they tell us?  Do they speak?  Can their voice be heard in the 21st century?  And can wisdom be found here?  I think so.


These two nearly identical spiral galaxies are in Virgo, 90 million light years distant, in the early stages of a gentle gravitational embrace.  Like two dancers grabbing hands while passing, NGC 5427 (the nearly open-faced spiral galaxy at lower left) and its southern twin NGC 5426 (the more oblique galaxy at upper right), are in the throes of a slow but disturbing interaction — one that could take a hundred million years to complete.

Images like this force me to consider my role in the universe.  It’s strange to feel insignificant and yet maintain purpose and importance all at the same time.  I hope I can share some of this with you.

By the way, visit my Genesis page for insights on The Beginning.

Douglas RS


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